Stop Bullying!

First Published 2016/12/29 on

The increasing videos shared on social media of reports of bullies physically or verbally attacking individuals mainly loan school children seems to be on the rise. For the victim, the damage that is caused is beyond recognition as confidence is often shattered.

As an adult now looking back,  I was largely robbed of my childhood due to bullies. My high school days was a living hell. Every day that I went in I faced violent and verbal abuse which eventually lead me to stop going. As we call it here in Wales, I bunked off for weeks. Social services got involved but I never said a word as to why as I had lost all trust. At the age fourteen, I was offered an alternative:. I was offered a work experience placement which basically meant I started to work in a Butcher’s four out of five of my school days. I was meant to go in on Mondays but I never returned to school.

Now, it saddens my heart to see anyone that is bullied. Through education, we need to step up the game to ensure this is stamped out. It needs to happen through education. Any child or adult for that matter who is targeted needs help. They may feel they can’t call out for help and they have no way out. We must intervene.  A charity organisation known as Bullies Out offer excellent support, training and resources – here is their link –

If it would help in the form of education, I am more than willing to share my story as I have done in past years with individuals at schools or education authorities or youth groups or even on the streets. Please step up and speak out, if you have concerns about a child being bullied talk to school authorities, don’t put it off. If you feel my story can help at your school, do get in touch.

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