The Illusion that distracts us

First Published 2016/08/29 on

It is not surprising that many have and are becoming increasingly unsettled with the world we see around us. With political uncertainties,  war, famine, mass climate change. Never has there been such a time where we can see so much at just a press of a button. Yet it seems the more we see the more we appear to become de-sensitized to what we see around us and to each other needs.

With the EU and the UK in a meltdown crisis, so much so, it overshadows massacres on the streets of Istanbul or the desperate plight of people fleeing war. Mass arms deals continue to take place with tax payers money – like a magician distracting our attention from what we should be keeping our eye on. We have been distracted from what we all have in common until now.

25739652_1_mMore and more people are waking up and seeing that we need to draw together in order to sustain ourselves. There is no us and them. That is an illusion to distract us from the hidden ball. No wonder here in the West as well as the rest of the world, country after country is becoming disillusioned with the political structure they find themselves in. No wonder the European Union is been called to give an account to its citizens. No wonder the millions of subjects have had enough with the political process of their own countries as well as the UK.

First, there is an awakening of heart, minds, and souls and what is following is revolutionization of everything we once considered safe.

If we know our political systems are doomed to fail us if our Democrat establishments are outdated and our elected leaders mislead us. If our resources are bankrupt and war is talked about as if it’s the highest priority yet we continue to neglect the planet and our ecosystem. No wonder we have become disillusioned with this status quo.

There is hope., we are the children of the Earth. We are that hope. We are the hope for today and our children tomorrow. Each and every one of us is incredible and we can revolutionise our hearts and together we can revolutionise the world we live on.

With brave hearts, peace, love, compassion, understanding, and unity It is time to stand up for each other and the earth we live on.

  • It is time to hold a mirror against our own hearts and look at our own faults and prejudices and draw a line under them.
  • It is time to sweep out the old and to bring in the new.
  • It is time to remove the veil that the old passing system placed over our eyes with media and governments lies and misdirection.
  • It is time for us to speak out and say – enough is enough.
  • It is time to stop listening to the war mongers, the dividers, and the haters and instead hold them to account.
  • It is time we revolutionised the political outdated systems that serve the greedy politicians rather than the people they are meant to listen to and serve.
  • It is time for us to wake up and use our talents and skills to bring about positive change and unite with our fellow human kind and care for this earth.

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