Crying in the wilderness

On October 1st, my heart and mind shifted to the news coming in fresh from Las Vegas. Shots rained down on an audience gathered to watch an open-air concert. My immediate thought was for the safety of friends and loved ones who regularly visit or live in Vegas.  Over the next 24 hours or so I saw them marking themselves as safe or letting me know via email. I have friends and loved ones all over the world and it is not that conflict is new to me –  I am well traveled and on route I have witnessed riots, shootings, battles, and bomb scares. Any news of a tragedy saddens me, yet this felt different and I had to ask myself why?

Is it because I have been visiting Las Vegas each year for the past seven years, performing shows, speaking and teaching there. Is it because I have grown to love the communities that have embraced me there? Is it because of my friends, people that I consider to be part of my tribe and wider family? Is it because I am hearing reports from friends who’s city is hurting? Is it because my social media wall is covered with reports of their posts? Is it the extent of the attack, the dead and the hundreds wounded? Is it because the attacker seems to be some old guy that society overlooked and he lost it together with any ability of reason.

My conclusion of what is different is my own sense of clarity.
We have run out of runway on a global scale. There is no hiding the fact we have access to knowledge but we have not harbored the wisdom to manage that knowledge. Government business continues as usual of pointing fingers at each other, blaming and spinning stories that suit their aims and objectives whilst looking after number one. We hide behind half-truths and do the same of blaming them and each other but take no personal responsibility.

We advocate what helps us to cling to what we perceive to be our truth. Our egos have bloated so big, we have lost control of being objective and we no longer think outside of our own boxes. We stand in charge of our own choices and freedom yet we have surrendered control of our future and follow on like sheep going to the slaughter.

Do I hear a voice crying in the wilderness? Where are the bold men and women who build bridges and not walls? Who will hammer their swords into ploughshares? Who will cast aside their prejudice and preconceived perceptions? Who will stop hiding behind labels, parties, blue and white shirts and uniforms? I am sick of us hiding behind titles of our own self-importance at the expense of others around us.

Awake or asleep each one of us has a role to play, regardless of our walk, ethnic background or beliefs. If we allow ourselves to be blinded by social media and tweets if we blame each other instead of taking responsibility if we take sides where there are no sides but deception and lies. We will miss how big of a role we do play. We are the human race and any blood spilled on any street marks out clearly how much we need each other. There is no going it alone Lone Ranger. We are the voice of reason, love healing and light. We are the voice crying in the desert.

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