I See magic… all The Time… everywhere…

As a performing magician and illustrated storyteller of Glastonbury, I am often asked, ‘is the Magic I do real?’  

A Fascinating Question

I find this a fascinating question and one I have pondered over for many years, ‘is it real, indeed?’

Despite the fact I have the word Show on my poster, people still ask the question – ‘is it real!?’

As a performance artist, and magician who has an interest in esoteric practice, it is a thought-provoking question indeed. Hopefully, it is a genuine, curious enquiry of interest.

On this front, I’m not so quick to say either ‘it is or it’s not real.’ In other words, I don’t chuck the baby out with the bathwater!

Is Magic Real?

Is it real magic as much as it is not? To me, it is real – just as art is real – you don’t have to like it but it’s real.

Let’s explore this.

Take for example a spiritual teacher, a wizard, a shaman, a storyteller, or a Bard, are they real? Do they exist? 

In my mind, there is no doubt that they do and I believe that real change can be brought about through the result of storytelling, public speaking, visual performing arts, circus – and a performing magician for that matter.

In my mind, the question ‘is it real magic?’ is misspent and in many ways, it demonstrates a lack of magical understanding in this area. Therefore the question is welcomed if the person who is asking is truly open to what real magic is.

To that end, the enquirer needs to ask or remind themselves, what is real magic? 

This could be answered in so many ways. However, if you are rooted in a magical practice yourself or just starting out, this is a fundamental self-identifying question that you need to ask – what is real magic in relation to yourself?

Intentional Magic

For example in my practice, magic is based on intention.

So when someone asks me ‘is my magic real?’ the question I hear “is there a magical intention behind my shows?’ (A fine question.)

On that level, you better believe it. My magic show is full of magical intention and mystery. The illustrated stories are a form of journeying and guiding my audience into another realm of experience. As well as the focused intention of wanting to create positive change in the perception of an audience. Just as a spiritual guide, wizard, shaman, storyteller or Bard would aim to do.

For example, the focused intention behind my shows is, ‘creating real magical moments in people’s lives.’

When people are moved by my performance, they forget their troubles. Or they see something in what they see, hear or experience during the show that can initiate a shift, a change within them. This is when the intention of the show has manifested and become real. When this happens, it can even be healing.

The Spirit Wizard Show being performing in the George & Pilgrim Inn Glastonbury https://www.mysteriousbritain.co.uk/hauntings/the-george-and-pilgrim-hotel-glastonbury/

Of course, I do not wish to speak for every magician or performer. 

Speaking for myself, because of the positive intention I put into my shows, the wonderful feedback I have received, as well as what I have personally seen and witnessed before, during and after my show. I believe often during a performance the veil becomes thinner to a magical spiritual realm.

So yes, when I want to… I see magic… all the time… everywhere…

Magician & founder of Magic Wizardry, Glastonbury. 

Mario Morris



  1. Being a performer myself of the magical arts, when I see the smiles on their faces, hear their gasps from surprise, and afterwards they talk about how they felt from what they saw while mentioning my name, and they are still feeling the fun and merriment they experienced, yeah, Magic is real.


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