A path to Self-Confidence

This week we are focusing on confidence.  Self-confidence – knowing who you are.  Who are you?  Who are we?  The kind of confidence I’m talking about is not necessarily the confidence you need to stand on a platform and give a speech to thousands of people.   The confidence I am talking about is the confidence to step into your dreams and aspirations, regardless of what path you are walking on and whatever your dreams and aspirations are.  

This is a creative process, A lifetime commitment in regards to we are constantly evolving and constantly changing.  It is the magic of life itself – if you like,  it is an opportunity.   All it requires for us to do for one moment is to grow up and begin to ask this brave question – who are you?   In the very same breathe be childlike i.e. discovering what it is all about.   So in that sense you know, but you don’t know.  And in this very same breath, you hold the keys to this very question.  No one else can discover this for you.  You have to be willing to pursue and ask this real question.   Whether you are successful or even if you feel like you are failing, it all begins at the same core place.  

Never is there a better opportunity than right now to beginning to work at this foundational place.  For us to really connect with ourselves and to know ourselves we have to be honest with ourselves. One of the ways is to peel back the facade we create and the persona we want people to see and to get to the heart of you and me.  Who are we? Who are you? Asking ourselves this bold question.  It is the beginning, it is the start, It is unravelling, it is peeling back the characters and personas  that we have created.

You are not what you do, you are the person you are – unique in so many different ways.  As soon as we stop asking this question things become static, we become bored, bored in the life that we live.  Maybe it’s the 9 – 5 existence.  We can become static in ourselves, not necessarily by the patterns we have created but by the challenges we face.   We need to get away, we need to have a break, we need to step away from what we are doing sometimes, because it’s not really ticking the box, it’s not really connecting with you, and this is because we are removed from the core questions of who we are – the constant evolving you, the constant changing you.  This is now, this is present. 

 As soon as we become static we can become bored, and we can become self-absorbed or distracted.  This can lead to sadness or in some cases depression, and if you need help or you need someone to talk to then reach out to someone you trust. Reach out to people that you know.  But – remember – you have the keys to that question – who are you?

We can easily be distracted by what life brings us, the good, the bad and the ugly.  This can come in all shapes and sizes.  It can come through media and things that we see around us, or the war torn images that we see.  It could be happening in our work life – the words that people are speaking over us – the negative words that we choose to accept.  It could even be ourselves and how we speak to ourselves.  Other things can begin to distract us, but as soon as we start to ask that question again, we are back in present.  The reality of who you are is where you can begin to do the work of moving forward.  As soon as you move forward you begin a healing process.  You are able to work through scenarios of what has been snagging and holding you back.  The path of self-discovery is there for you.  Begin to ask yourself – who am I,  begin to pursue your answers.

Next week I will be talking about – What do you want to do?

 Mario Morris





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